Raider Athletics

About Our Athletics

All SA students in Middle and Upper School are encouraged to participate in team sports. Athletic facilities include the Camp-Ballard Gymnasium, Pillow Field football stadium, Raider baseball and softball parks, and all-purpose practice fields. Typically, ninety percent of students in Middle and Upper schools participate on at least one interscholastic sports team.

Varsity | Junior Varsity

Varsity and JV teams compete in the following interscholastic sports as members of the Virginia Colonial Conference (VCC):

JJV teams compete in volleyball and basketball.

Members of the Virginia Colonial Conference (VCC):

  • Amelia Academy
  • Banner Christian School
  • Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot Catholic School
  • Brunswick Academy
  • Isle of Wight Academy (Soccer Only)
  • Kenston Forest School
  • Richmond Christian School
  • Southampton Academy
  • Tidewater Academy

VCC Academic Requirements for Sports Eligibility:

A student-athlete loses eligibility to participate in VCC sports competition if, on the most recent official grade report, he/she has not passed at least five academic subjects, including three core courses—English, social studies, math, or science.

SA Academic Standards and Philosophy:

The Academy believes that students benefit from the discipline and routine of regular athletic participation and team membership. However, a student may be removed from participation in sports or other co-curricular programs if doing so is deemed necessary to help the student improve academic performance to a satisfactory level.

Class Attendance Required

Students who miss more half their daily classes may not participate that day in athletic practices or events without administrative permission, based on individual circumstances. A student too ill to attend classes is presumed incapacitated for activities that afternoon.

VCC Code of Sportsmanship

Sports are a vital part of school life. They offer fun and excitement for participants and rallying points for the school community. They provide healthy outlets to relieve stress and to promote physical and emotional fitness, discipline, and teamwork. They can teach valuable lessons in sportsmanship—but only if athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters choose to conduct themselves with class.

VCC member schools expect and demand:

Courtesy and respect for the rules, opponents, guests, and officials; enthusiasm for competition; modesty and graciousness in victory or defeat, and fairness and responsibility to the sport, to opponents, and to respective schools.

As a VCC member, Southampton Academy athletes and fans agree to respect the property and reputation of opponents and of our school; remain quiet during free throws and not to permit noisemakers at basketball games; refrain from actions derogatory to opponents or officials or in bad taste to spectators; shake hands with opponents at the end of each athletic contest.

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