Our Mission

Southampton Academy challenges and encourages each student to learn and grow through academic experiences that combine innovation and tradition with moral and spiritual values in a supportive family environment.

What we value most:

    Morals and Character – desiring what is right and good; being accountable for one’s actions
    Safety and Respect – providing for children’s physical and emotional security; teaching them to embrace diversity and to accept and appreciate people’s differences
    Learning and Achievement – helping each child grow intellectually; maintaining academic standards and traditions in preparing students for success in higher education
    Family and Community – encouraging supportive relationships among students, parents, faculty and staff

What we believe about raising children and educating students:

    That cooperative learning—working and playing well with others—is an essential life skill
    That students benefit both from personal attention and from group experiences in classes that are relatively small and manageable
    That children, to become independent, must learn to set worthwhile goals, to organize and discipline their efforts, and to appreciate the satisfaction of a job well done
    That school experiences should stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity and help them discover and develop personal gifts and interests
    That students’ learning needs are met best by combining traditional and innovative methods
    That seeking truth should not exclude issues of faith

What we intend to do to fulfill our mission:

    Create and protect a safe, nurturing, caring environment
    Hire talented, dedicated teachers and school leaders to provide excellent educational programs
    Support professional development of faculty and staff and seek continued school improvement
    Enroll students with abilities and desires to meet challenging academic expectations
    Offer financial assistance to families who cannot otherwise afford full tuition
    Market the school to recruit and enroll a diverse student population
    Encourage effective communication and cooperation between home and school
    Provide opportunities for students to belong to things greater than themselves, to find a sense of community, shared purpose, teamwork, respect, and love for others
    Maintain proper balance between academic priorities and co-curricular programs
    Build, acquire, maintain, and improve campus facilities and resources to support learning

Board of Directors

Mr. Brandon Applewhite

Mr. Greg Applewhite

Mrs. Carolyn Beale

Mr. Patrick Boyle

Dr. Winston Browne

Mr. Robert Bryant

Mr. Michael Clark

Mrs. Olivia Claud

Mrs. Esther Francis

Mr. John Jones

Mr. Jeffrey Pope

Mr. Jack Randall

Mr. Davis Rose

Mr. Ricky Sykes

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